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    • California Real Estate is red hot! If you are looking to purchase a property or refinance; having a knowledgeable and experienced California mortgage broker or direct lender at your side is imperative.

      Too often, misinformation is provided to potential home buyers regarding the limitations of California mortgage loan programs which can discourage potential borrowers from getting their California home loans APPROVED.

      There is not a one-size fits to all California mortgage loan program out there, as each buyers situation is different and it is best to see which program is right for YOU!

      As a California mortgage broker; being approved with over 50 lenders and having the ability to place your loan with the lender tailored specifically to your needs while obtaining the best rate possible is crucial in this market.

      Furthermore; being able to CLOSE in 30 days with us, will give you a leg up on the competition as most banks are taking 45-60 days to close.

    • Did you know you can buy a property with only 3% to 3.5% down with NO CLOSING COSTS!

      If you are a veteran, you do not even need a down payment and with no closing costs, you can walk into your front door with 0% out of your pocket!

      There are many programs that most big banks don’t offer ranging from: FHA with 580 credit scores to VA with nothing down to conventional allowing only 1 year’s tax returns, etc.

      When deciding on the biggest purchase of your life in California; YOUR NEW HOME, aligning yourself with an Expert or a Broker that is Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Professional in California Home loans is the key to a successful transaction.

      We at Cali Home lender is that professional with that knowledge and experience to find the right California Home Loans for YOU at the lowest possible rate!                      

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    • A Warm, Professional and Expert Mortgage Experience

      Have you heard the following regarding mortgage underwriting these days?

      • “It was a nightmarish process with lots of questions, documents constantly lost, and explanations required for everything”
      • “Took forever just to refinance and was passed along to 10 different people in the process”
      • “It was the equivalent of a financial colonoscopy”
      • “I was ready to pull my hair out at the end!”

      It is true that today’s mortgage loan process is ripe with regulations and over anxious underwriters, however, NOT all lenders and brokers are created equal.

      If you have the backing of a highly experienced and knowledgeable loan officer; California home loans process should be smooth.

      At Cali Home Lender; we strive to troubleshoot UPFRONT and anticipate everything that will be asked/needed/requested in order to create a warm, professional and expert California mortgage experience.

      95% of California mortgage underwrite can be tackled up front by a true professional loan officer/broker.

      • Bank statements should be reviewed in full up front.
      • Income documents analyzed; often times tax returns are NOT required.
      • Credit report questions asked and answered up front.

      The key to a smooth transaction is knowing California mortgage guidelines inside and out, and anticipating the standard conditions required by an underwriter.

      This will yield very clean Loan Approvals and equate to a warn, professional and expert mortgage experience. In this hot real estate market it is imperative to be able to close on time, because the buyer right behind you is always willing to take your place.

      So, a smooth 30 day close is the result that a buyer and the agents need; and this is attainable when you have an EXPERT LOAN OFFICER working for you!

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